Antitrust Policy

Given the sensitivity of the topic, the Legal Pricing Academy has procedures to ensure that everybody attending our events fully complies with Antitrust Regulations.
To promote adherence to these requirements, we only use information that is in the public domain and we:
• Do not discuss past, current or future prices.
• Do not discuss what is a fair profit level.
• Do not discuss an increase or decrease in price.
• Do not discuss standardizing or stabilizing prices.
• Do not discuss refusing to deal with a firm because of its pricing practices.

Any discussions concerning price fixing, bid rigging, client, market or territory allocation or group boycotts are strictly prohibited.
These kinds of agreements among competitors eliminate independent decision-making on prices, output, terms and conditions, quality or other aspects of competition, are almost always illegal, and may be subject to criminal penalties. As such, all participants should avoid even discussing these topics with competitors. A formal, written or spoken agreement may not be necessary for someone to be found to have committed an antitrust violation; it may be inferred from a person’s conduct or communications.

Information is not generally considered to be commercially sensitive if:

• It does not relate to parameters of competition
• It is in the public domain
• It is historic (i.e. older than one year)
• It is sufficiently aggregated to lose its sensitivity
All participants must agree to comply with these policies and with requirements of antitrust law. If you believe you observe conduct at our events that does not meet these requirements, please immediately bring it to the attention of one of our representatives.

Thank you for your cooperation