The Legal Pricing Academy® was established to develop a pricing qualification for the legal profession with the following objectives:

  • Transform pricing professionals into pricing experts
  • Deliver increased recognition for a sophisticated approach to pricing
  • Teach attendees how to see the full value chain in the process and create tangible win-wins
  • Create a professional development pathway that creates an understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the pricing of legal services
  • A certification that allows legal services pricing professionals to advance their careers
  • Offer attendees a recognized competitive differentiator that helps secure improved remuneration
  • Deliver an intimate and highly connected educational program
  • Create a curriculum that is accessible at your pace and on your timeframe

The qualification pathway recognizes that candidates will be at different stages of their professional development. We are providing three qualifications with progressive measures of skill, knowledge, and capability:

Certified Legal Pricing Associate
Certified Legal Pricing Specialist
Certified Legal Pricing Professional