A large number of professionals occupying different roles within law firms have an interest in pricing though the extent to which it is required as a core capability varies considerably according to the role of the individual. The list includes, but is by no means limited to lawyers, paralegals, finance, marketing, business development, analysts, bid specialists and learning and development professionals.

We have structured a series of three qualifications, the appeal and relevance of which will depend upon your own area of expertise and the extent to which you want to or need to immerse yourself in the topic as part of your role within the firm.
Each of the three professional development streams culminates in a standalone qualification that recognises the knowledge that you have acquired.

Each of the modules is being produced and presented by hand-picked industry leaders with particular interest and expertise in the subtleties of each module. The modules will be progressively made available as they are produced. Once you are on our database, you will be alerted when new modules become available.


Each of the three qualifications (eg CLPA) is made up of a series of modules (e.g. Introduction to Legal Pricing). Each module is made up of a series of sections. At the end of each section and again at the conclusion of each module you will be presented with a test in the form of a series of multichoice questions which are designed to help you understand the extent to which you have absorbed the content.

The pass score required for each section and module is 75%. Until you achieve that pass score, you will not be able to move on from one module to another.


    Gareth Guyers, Regional Billing Manager at Milbank’s Singapore office
    an early student of the introductory Certified Legal Pricing Associate topics, recently commented:

This course has elevated my learning and career and I highly recommend this to anyone! Richard was able to deliver his years of knowledge and experience in the legal profession in a fashion that was thorough but not overwhelming to someone like me who is just starting out in the legal pricing world. The content was clear and concise and demonstrates a holistic feel to the world of both pricing and procurement which helps the student to connect the dots and understand legal pricing in a much broader context.

I recommend this course to anyone whether they are starting out in pricing and want to expedite their learning or if you want to feel reenergized about the ever-evolving world of legal pricing / procurement



• Introduction to legal pricing   (View now)
• Introduction to legal procurement (View now)
• Introduction to analytics and profitability modelling (in production)
• The role of the pricing function in BD & marketing (in production)

Course Costs:

  Standard Price
First two modules
$990 Early-bird (for first 10 people enrolled and paid) Only 2 left!    
25% discount = $742.50
Bundle (once all courses launched)
$2,475 Bundle Pricing (all modules purchased together)
30% - $1,733 (saving $742)



• Advanced procurement, bids, pitches, tenders and e-auctions
• Pricing documentation & engagement protocols
• Pricing psychology & behavioural economics
• Pricing strategy, tactics and negotiation
• Legal project management and legal process improvement
• Pricing under a technology-enhanced delivery model

Cost: To be advised


• Pricing governance
• Change management and transformation - implementing a firm-wide pricing improvement initiative
• The role of the law firm Pricing Director
• Case study one-day practicum/boot camp (possible venues include London, New York, Chicago, LA & Singapore)
• Detailed report & recommendations to the pricing professional’s law firm (Qualitatively assessed by the Legal Pricing Academy)

Cost: To be advised



Some professionals looking to enrolled in LPA courses will be self-funded, while others will have their employers pay for their professional development. Training budgets in most firms are tight, and it is necessary to make a sound business case to justify the expenditure. This document may help you make the case! Download it here.