Business Case

Some professionals wishing to enrol in one or more of the LPA courses will be self-funded, but many will be hoping that their employer will be willing to invest in their professional development. Training budgets in most organisations are tight, and it is necessary to make a sound business case to justify the expenditure.

You may find the following helpful - download a Word version here.

Who is the course run by?

The course is run by the Legal Pricing Academy® (LPA) based in New York and London. The LPA is the only organisation in the world that provides comprehensive legal profession-specific professional development and certification for lawyers and legal pricing professionals in law firms. The LPA was founded by Richard Burcher, the Managing Director of Validatum®, regarded by many as the leading legal services pricing consultancy in the world and Dr Silvia Hodges-Silverstein, law professor at Columbia Law School and Executive Director of the Buying Legal Council, the international industry body representing legal purchasing professionals (procurement).

The course I wish to enrol in: [delete the ones that don’t apply]

Certified Legal Pricing Associate (CLPA)
Certified Legal Pricing Specialist (CLPS)
Certified Legal Pricing Professional (CLPP)

Set out below is the entire curriculum. I wish to enrol for the [ ]

Certified Legal Pricing Associate (CLPA)

• Introduction to legal pricing 
• Introduction to legal procurement 
• Introduction to analytics and profitability modelling
• The role of the pricing function in BD & marketing
• On-line exams for each of the 4 papers

Certified Legal Pricing Specialist (CLPS)
• Advanced procurement, bids, pitches, tenders and e-auctions
• Pricing documentation & engagement protocols
• Pricing psychology & behavioural economics
• Pricing strategy, tactics and negotiation
• Legal project management and legal process improvement
• Pricing under a technology-enhanced delivery model
• On-line exam at the conclusion of each of the 6 papers

Certified Legal Pricing Professional (CLPP)
• Pricing governance
• Change management - implementing a firm-wide pricing improvement initiative
• The role of the law firm Pricing Director
• Case study one-day practicum/bootcamp (possible venues include London, New York, Chicago, LA & Singapore)
• Detailed report & recommendations to the pricing professional’s law firm (Qualitatively assessed by the Legal Pricing Academy®)

What I will learn?

Attached is the outline of the course in which I wish to enrol including the course description and learning objectives. The course materials and content have been developed by experts in the UK and the US, but the content is not jurisdictionally specific. [download this form as a PDF from the LPA website]

Learning methodology:

The teaching format is predominantly cloud-based webinars which I can view at any time that suits me. I can stream it live, listening to the commentary/presentation and I will view the PowerPoint slides as they progress. I will be able to download a full set of the slides. At the conclusion of each module, I will be required to undertake an on-line test (75% pass grade required) to demonstrate my command of the material. The e-learning platform has the facility for my test results to be automaically emailed to my employer/supervisor.

Time commitment:

Taking into account participation in the online webinar, reviewing the materials and completing the online exam, it will entail between two and four hours per module. [I would envisage undertaking this in normal work hours OR I propose to undertake this in my own time and not during normal work hours]


The cost is US$

Benefits of undertaking the course(s):

• I will be able to more confidently and effectively fulfil my current job description
• I will be able to take a more proactive role in providing support to [ ]
• I will be better placed to make a contribution to and development of the firm's pricing function
• I will be more able to take greater responsibility for pricing related issues
• My broadened pricing skill set will make me more versatile to the firm and able to be deployed into a wider range of roles and responsibilities