Become a Certified Legal Pricing Professional (CLPP)

Whether you are just starting out on your pricing career or are already highly experienced, whether you want to undertake some ‘light-touch’ professional development or aspire to the pinnacle of Certified Legal Pricing Professional, the Legal Pricing Academy® can help you achieve your goals.

 Progress in your profession and work your way through our programs to become;

• a Certified Legal Pricing Associate (CLPA)
• a Certified Legal Pricing Specialist (CLPS) 
• a Certified Legal Pricing Professional (CLPP)

Our professional development pathway provides numerous benefits to your firm and you personally, including:

• Exposure to current international pricing strategy and tactics best practice
• Frameworks for pricing innovation
• Academic and practical knowledge and skills to help capture the value it delivers
• Increased recognition of the importance and status of legal pricing professionals
• A competitive advantage for legal pricing professionals in the employment market
• Improved remuneration opportunities for legal pricing professionals

The Legal Pricing Academy® is a collaboration of two of the world's leading authorities on legal pricing and legal procurement, Richard Burcher and Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein, with the support of some of the world's leading legal pricing directors.

Career Hub/Jobs

The role of the modern legal services pricing professional is a unique one involving a sought-after skill-set, qualifications and previous career experience. As the world’s pre-emminent organisation promoting, qualifying and advocating the role and interests of legal pricing professionals, the Legal Pricing Academy is the one-stop resource for candidates and recruiters.

If you are interested in furthering your legal pricing career or you are a recruiter with roles to fill, get in touch.